Céline Cohen Meinecke

Céline Meinecke, née Cohen

Married to Mr Tore Meinecke

Mother of 3 children, Jonas (94) Shana (99) and Aviva (03)

1970-92:  Resident of the Commune of Cartigny (Ge)

 Elite athlete with 5 Swiss Junior Championship titles in singles and 3 titles in doubles

1988:   Achieved the modern Maturity (Languages) at school.  French, English, German, Italian.  Transition to Professional sportswoman

1989:   Best WTA ranking No 112 in world singles and No 68 in world doubles.  Victory over Zina Garrison No 7 in the world and Lori McNeil No 17

1990/91:  No 1 Switzerland

1992:  End of my sporting career.  Marriage

1992-1997:  Departure to France:  Manager of the Chateau de la Colaissiére in St Sauveur de Landemont, near Nantes

1997 :  Returned to Mies (Ge) Switzerland.  Swiss Team runner-up with Drizia Miremont (Ge) in the LNA

1997/99:  Director of the Maccabi Tennis School (Jewish community) and independent teacher at the Bellevue Open Club.  Swiss Team Champion with Drizia Miremont (Ge) in LNA (98)

1999:  Creation of the concept for the tennis school at the Country Club in Bellevue with Jonas Svensson and Tore Meinecke.  Tennis teacher in the school.  Swiss Team runner-up in the LNA

2000-02:  Graduation ‘Youth & Sports’ 1, 2 and 3.  Swiss Team Champion with Drizia Miremont (Ge) in LNA (00)

2003:  Resignation from the GCC following that of my Team (Jonas & Tore)

2004/05:  Responsible for obtaining the building permit and the development of JoTo Tennis.  Coach at JoTo Tennis.

2005/present day:

Administration Manager of JoTo Tennis Sàrl and coach at JoTo Tennis.