• The Junior lessons take place from Monday to Friday from 15.45 to 19.15

  • On Wednesday from 12.45

  • The group lessons are organised in 3 trimesters (38-39 weeks per year divided by 3) max 4 persons at the price of 35-38 Frs/hr.

  • You must be a member of the Club to be part of the Tennis School – see tariffs
  • It is possible to take individual lessons with a former champion international player and our qualified coaches 90-120 Frs/hr, on weekdays during the daytime and at weekends see our champions coaches

Tennis is a game and we encourage children, no matter what their level, to play points and become a real tennis player.

The game is –

  • Pleasure
  • Performance

  • Progress

Jonas Svensson is responsible for the Junior Tennis Club.

To help a child to integrate into the Junior Tennis School, Jonas will assess a child’s level and place them into a group that suits them best.

You must be a member of the Club to be part of the tennis school.

It is possible to join a group during the course of the term.

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JoTo is a Company, professionally structured and orientated towards competitive high level tennis in a family setting for the personal and sporting development of the player (educational value).

The vision is embodied in different forms: 

  • The Content
    Annual courses in line with the school term, a variety of camps during the school and public holidays, delegations in competitions with supervision, internal and official tournaments, Interclubs, interactive activities between adults and children, ‘free’ training matches on Saturday, parent and student appointments with the coach. The varied calendar offers students activities outside of their class to create stronger motivation and emulation.
  • The quality of teaching
    The success of the tennis school is based on the abilities of the coaches, but more especially on their commitment and motivation. Coaching is planned with programs and objectives established in advance and followed by our coaches. These programs are adapted and fixed for all categories of courses: from mini tennis to adults, to competition. Summer camps operate in the same way. For continuous development and better cohesion between coaches, weekly ‘workshops’ are organised.
  • The framework
    We believe that a successful tennis school performs best at the heart of a certain environment – the Club. We were keen that two elements were not separated when we founded the Tennis Club Chavannes de Bogis, and children and adults rub shoulders in interactive activities for the benefit of all (see calendar). Within this social framework, we encourage players to play with each other in order to develop the pleasure of the game, self knowledge and autonomy. The player can apply what he has learned during the lessons and express himself tennistically without educational constraints.
  • The ‘common thread’
    The tennis school is structured this way for a single purpose: to introduce the student to the game of tennis and bring him step by step to the pleasure of competition.
  • The objective
    Every effort is made to ensure that our students can use their full potential through tennis education.


The coaching at JoTo Tennis is carefully programmed.
This method facilitates the work of the coaches, who each choose different exercises adapted to their personality and the level of their groups, but all with a common goal.
By structuring the teacher/coach, this method strengthens his creativity, stimulates teamwork and allows JoTo Tennis to indirectly monitor the evolution of each student.


Men/Women’s Interclub Competition
Adult JoTo Trophy, Regional & National Championships.

  • Tennis: Mastering all shots
  • Tactics: Developing force
  • Mental: Self-knowledge and perception of other
  • Match: Know the rules of the game (match)
  • Physics: An understanding of the effort rquired

Understanding of an official match, Junior Interclubs, JoTo Cup, Tennis School Tournament

  • Technique: Knowledge of all shots
  • Tactics: Variation of speed, effects and zones
  • Mental: Recognising emotions
  • Match: Know the rule of the game, know how to referee
  • Physics: Preparation for the match, warm up and cool down

Mastering the game for a local match, JoTo Junior Challenge

  • Tactics: Put the ball over the net and into the small court
  • Tactique: Mettre la balle au-dessus le filet et dans le petit court
  • Mental: Enjoy the game
  • Match: Introduction to the rules of the game
  • Physics: Warm up



Mon.8 Start of the annual “2nd trim.” 11/12 weeks Tennis School
Sat. 20
Match Coaching
W-E Succession

Jonas Svensson


Fri.2 to Sun.4 “JoTo Cup 23” 14&U12&U.G/F Perfect. Objectives

Tore Meinecke


Sun. 10 Joto Junior Challenge Inititiation objectives
Club Championships (Internal)
Sat 23 & Sun 24 Little Champions Camp

Tore Meinecke et Cyril Roulleau


Tue. 28 End of the annual courses “2nd trim.”11/12 weeks Tennis School
My. 2 to Fri.5
Easter Camp
Open to all
Start of the annual “3rd trimester” internships. 10/11 weeks
Tennis School

Jonas Svensson


Closed Ascension game. 9 and Fri.10 May. Pentecost Mon. May 20  
Sun. 21
Junior Interclub Team Day

Jonas Svensson et Cyril Roulleau


Wednesday & W/E Junior Interclub Perfect. Objectives
Tennis school party with entertainment
End of the annual “3rd quarter” internships10/11 weeks
Tennis School

Jonas Svensson, Tore Meinecke et Cyril Roulleau


Mon.1 to Fri.5 Jonas Svensson Summer Camps 24 Open to all
Mon 8 to Fri 12 Jonas Svensson Summer Camps 24 Open to all

Jonas Svensson