Adult Special


Jonas Svensson or Tore Meinecke play with each new member to facilitate their integration into the Club. This way they can assess the tennis player’s level, advise him in relation to his expectations and motivations and put him in touch with playing partners. From day one, the new member is an integral part of the club.


We offer adults different learning formulas adapted to the level of the player, beginner or advanced, in the form of group or private lessons.

The Adult Tennis School offers weekly group lessons that bring together a maximum of 4 people. The trimester follows the school term.

Group Lessons: From 7.15am to 22.15pm:

Special Course 19/25 years: from 19.15pm onward

Our members also benefit from preferential prices if they participate in our organised camps. These camps are also open to non members.

Summer camps for Adults: 3 or 5 days in the School Summer Holidays.

Private or semi-private lessons: It is possible to arrange frequency and times with a coach of choice


We organise many activities for adults throughout the year.

‘Find a partner’ meet new partners who are members of the club

Each new member has the opportunity to play with Tore Meinecke. This serves as a ‘level’ assessment and allows you to receive an ITN number. This allows players to find partners of a similar level.

  • Internal social tournament with barbeque
  • Mixed doubles tournament on Friday evenings (x 5 per year)
  • Interclub – Juniors and Adults
  • ‘Double generations’ tournament
  • Club party in November

Our members have the opportunity to meet, get to know each other, play and spend time together in a sporty, relaxed and friendly atmosphere – each one of us creates a network of new partners.


For those who wish to participate in official tournaments, we engage two teams for club competitions (Interclub) and we organise an official adult tournament for both women and men ‘The Chavannes -de-Bogis Trophy’.

In order to best prepare for thee adult interclub competitions, the members of various teams meet throughout the year to train in singles and doubles.